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Eligibility: What we do fund:

Applications are welcomed from charitable organisations working within Cumbria with particular reference to our priorities:

  • Social needs
  • Youth and employment
  • Help for older people
  • The arts
  • The environment

Applicants should ideally be a registered charity, or applying to become one. However, any properly constituted body with charitable objectives can apply though they should check with the Administrator first.

Capital funding requests are preferred though revenue will be considered. We ask for at least two quotations for capital requests, ideally three.

Most grants are for one year, occasionally 2 and 3 year awards may be considered if it is a vital project and its sustainability is at risk.

If an application is for a large amount of money we will pledge your award and you can draw down your money once the other funding is in place. Pledged awards expire after two years, unless a plan has been agreed with the Administrator.

National charities can only apply if they can clearly evidence the work they do in Cumbria; such as where they operate and how many beneficiaries they have in the County.They must also provide an independent referee who lives in the County and can vouch for the charity’s work in Cumbria.

Deadline dates:

1st February; 1st June; 1st October

Decision dates:

End of March; July; and November

We fund up to £5,000 but most of our awards are between £1,500-£3,000.

What strengthens your application:

We are keen to find good community projects to support but as we receive 50-60 applications to each of our three rounds of funding, and have £100,000 to distribute at each round, it is a competitive process. 

To make sure that you are giving your organisation the best chance of success be clear and concise. Please note that we like to see what fundraising you have done to help yourselves as this shows commitment.

We also like to know which other funders you are applying to, and how many volunteers and beneficiaries will be involved.

Talk to us:

We encourage all applicants to contact us first to talk through your plans with the Administrator or the Assistant. Please remember that both posts are part time but your voicemail or email will be replied to as quickly as possible.

01539 823 112

Do not apply at the last minute as any problems may delay your application until the next round of funding, four months later.

Application Form:

All applications must be on the official Hadfield Trust form which can be downloaded below. The form is kept simple and straight forward but must be completed in full.

All the relevant information must appear on the form and not be sent in attached documents. The ‘Word format’ of the form can be manipulated to increase the size of any sections.

It is a good idea to ask someone else to read the application before posting it to check you have clearly described the project and not omitted anything that is important. The independent referee is the ideal person to proof read your application.

Download Application Form

Application Pack Checklist:

Make sure you include these documents in your application.

A fully completed application form.

A breakdown of the budget for the project.

A minimum of two but preferably three quotes for any capital expenditure items. Trustees often like to identify a piece of equipment to fund.

A copy of the latest annual accounts.

A copy of the most recent bank statement for the account into which an award should be paid, if successful.

Applications should be sent single sided and unstapled.

Remember to always keep a copy of your application.

Application Procedure: 

Applications can be sent either by email or post.

All applications must arrive by noon on the deadline date and if the deadline date falls on a Sunday, noon on the following day will apply. If sending by post, please check that the correct amount of postage has been paid.

Once the Trustees have made their decision the successful applicants will be informed initially by phone. All applicants will be notified by letter.

All awards are paid by BACS transfer which is why a copy of the bank statement is vital to your application. Groups must acknowledge receipt of the payment either by email or letter.

Feedback is important to the Trustees and an Evaluation Form is sent out with the offer letter and must returned (either by email or mail) within a year. Failure to do so may bar future applications.

Download Evaluation Form